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Let auto maintenance become routine

Maintaining your car is the most crucial way to keep it running for years to come! Fisher Automotive knows that regular maintenance ensures safety, a long life, and security for years to come.

  • Check/Replace the engine oil            

  • Vehicle inspection

  • Check fuel filters

  • Tire balancing and rotation

  • Check transmission fluids

  • Lubrication for locks, latches, hinges

  • Cooling and heating systems

  • Check engine lights

Easily maintain your car or truck:

For over 25 years, Fisher Automotive has been helping keep your everyday life running smoothly. A sudden breakdown can leave you out of commission for days. Avoid it with routine maintenance services from our licensed and certified repairmen.

Get your car back on the road sooner

Call for a FREE and accurate estimate

Receive a FREE oil change with the purchase of any brake service.


Ask how you can save $100 on your next transmission or engine repair.

auto Maintenance Oil change Auto Maintenance
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